April 1, 2020 masspranic

“I can’t thank Erin Lynch and Massachusetts Pranic Healing enough! Battling stage IV metastatic breast cancer is challenging, to say the least. I often feel overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, especially leading up to scans, as well as deal frequent fatigue, insomnia and brain fog which are side effects from my treatment. After working with Erin, and her amazing team of healers, I feel like I have more energy, a renewed sense of peace, and overall, my mind and body are in a much better place. I also found it absolutely incredible that they knew what was going on with me before I even did! Erin could sense my increased stress level before it even resonated with me, and worked to combat it quickly. I’m a strong believer in Pranic Healing now, and would recommend Massachusetts Pranic Healing to anyone!”